Watch Out Britney, Ugly Gay Men Can Make Elaborate Dance Videos Too

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Yet another example where incongruity captivates us. Here the high production values make a the motley mix of unattractive men a baffling delight as we just can’t understand why they aren’t little hentai school girls.

Consider the crafted timing: as you start to realize that charmer with the Ed Grimley do isn’t just a background distraction and you’re wondering, ‘what kind of elaborate gay bridge club home video is this?’ And then, bang!, we’re on a soundstage. You know this is the real deal then and that every element is befuddlingly intentional, making the Grimley do all the more distracting.

Send on the backstory for this if you have it.

Street Justice

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Bad mailbox looking machine thing! Sidewalk jail for you.

Forget OK Cupid, Date A Sea Captain

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How do you think sailors manage to have a woman in every port of call? of course.

Crowdsourced Absurdity – also Dating Cards: Business Cards for the Celibate

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Scroll down for a participatory opportunity to wreak some comedic havoc on the bizarre twitter dating scene.

But first a little history and inspiration. Not too too long ago the phrase calling card meant something different. Now that we have phones and internety devices at the ready, the calling card is gone, but it now has a replacement. And its free with your response to an Evite event right now (you might get a cupcake coupon instead).

Better than "What's Your Sign?"

What the hell is a dating card for that a business card can’t achieve, you ask? And who would date someone that has 250 of these? We’d like to know too! Someone, please use these. Please. Order here, and tell us how it goes. Or, if that’s too intensive, help us live out the promise of the card.

The email address and phone number for our dear desperate friend Chad Fulton clearly don’t work, and there is no @chadfulton99 on Twitter.

Well, there WAS no @chadfulton99. But there is now Absurders. If you’d like to follow this intrepid card-carrying love hunter, just head on over to and  check out what he’s up to, and the impressive ladies he’s now following.

Hell, if you want to tweet as Chad and help him get a date, his password is that self-same statement of his date-worthy personality as his dating card subtitle: standupguy

Have fun!

Please do note that Chad’s card says “tweet me” thus indicating his view on twitter terminology.


Buy your dating cards now!

Here’s an equally silly variation on the “dating card” but withouth the bonus of being free, and therefore, even less likely to succeed.

Atari – (still) In a Candy Store Near You

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Atari Joy Stick Gum

"Mommy, what's a joy stick?"

We have no idea how much revenue retro candy brings in for Atari, but none of their current games seem to need this bizarre artifact from another era.

Hacking Nike Shoes

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So the London Design Festival is coming up later this month. One project, Nike78, asks designers to “challenge the function of Nike shoes.”

"Air Masx" Riita Ikonen and Ian Wright

Not all of the projects are so bizarre as making punny photographs with Nike’s top end running shoes. Nick Marsh hacked his Air Maxs and turned them into Wii controllers.

Nike Wii

Its a nice commentary on exercise in the age of computing and cubicles. His video is kinda what you’d expect, though sadly, you can do better while sitting it seems.

(Via Ecouterre)

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What Newsweek and Nintendo Have in Common

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Quick, try it before journalistic values get in the way of fun.

Step 1. Go to the Newsweek Magazine main web page.

Step 2. Type in the Konami Code. That’s the code to get 30 lives in Contra. Boys who grew up in the era of Nintendo Entertainment System probably still know all eleven steps of it by heart.

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Start

Since you don’t have a NES controller, do it this way: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left Right, Left, Right, B, A … and in this case, enter.

Step 3. Let Newsweek know if you find it funny, or a waste of journalistic resources. And post below if you get it to work in browsers besides Safari and Firefox – we hear it works in Chrome, but not all the time.

HINT: It has to do with zombies! (If it doesn’t work for you, just click here for a summary)

Now, if you are wondering why a prestigious news weekly would devote web resources to such mid-1990s tomfoolery. Well it might be what happens when a magazine goes up for sale. For one, this is demonstrating the digital team over there has the chops to get creative and drive traffic. Or they aren’t afraid of getting fired. Truthfully, I think they could have done more with the idea, but we won’t comment more on that, lest we give away the fun for you all.

NYMag caught up with Newsweek about the stunt.

A Newsweek spokeswoman just told us: “It’s true that our programmers had a bit of fun and hid the Konami Easter egg in the site. It does not affect the rest of the site’s functionality. Now that we’ve all had a laugh, we will be removing it.”

BONUS: Snorg has made a T-Shirt about the Konami Code.

Stop Motion Sticky Note Mario Brothers

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And another chapter in the annals of impressive DIY stop motion. This one takes over a school using office supplies.

Watch carefully and you can see ghosts of people in the background and through windows.

(via Boing Boing)

Gentrification – The Game

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As part of the fantastical Come Out and Play festival in NYC this weekend, there are a ton of games-meet-performance art activities you can join, all for free. Without having played them, here’s one that seemed especially intriguing, and, frankly, mildly offensive.

Details here. In short, if you like Monopoly, role play and running around your neighborhood, this is perfect.  Bonus that it’s all about a culturally sensitive topic, which, after all, is the natural domain for art!

In this strategic game, small teams of players compete to collect properties and transform the neighbourhood. As developers, they’ll develop swanky lofts, erect coffee shops, and raise property values. As locals, they’ll form BIAs, build community centres, and try to thwart the developers. Along the way there will be art, vicious debates, and possibly an Apple Store.

You can find details about how to sign up here. Send pics if ya play.

Links: Come Out and Play festival

Meta Mockery Videos

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Meta jokes and commentary are all the rage.  OK, they have been for a while. So it makes sense that several pretty good videos are floating around with meta mockeries of various media genres.

Here’s TV News, mocked, in TV News format.

Here’s an award winning movie trailer, mocking that venerated genre.  Really, it’s pretty well made. This team could probably make an actually decent movie.

Here’s more from BriTANick

First Vid via Femi Oke

Second Vid via Ze Frank

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