Old Faves: art, stunts and a video.

Since this is a new blog, here are some old classics I would have posted about when they happened.

ABSURD DELIGHT IN ACTION: … or at least wanton disregard for conformity.

Human Mirror – Twins, lots of them, on a subway.

Public Sculpture Tackle – athletic attacks on public art, in photo and video.

The Anarchist Ice Cream Truck

Take the time to click the link and read the wonderfully written propagansa on Tactical Ice Cream … whimsy meets rage in a delicious, ninja-inspired, art project.

Here’s an article on all sorts of whimsical Ice Cream trucks. Why do I capitalize “Ice Cream”?


And then this gem was a foundation funded local TV program (I think). Think Sesame Street crossed with math class on acid. Notable moments include wizards rapping, graffiti filmed in reverse and gratuitous fat kid humiliation. It’s educational people!

More of this ilk to come soon. Send on suggestions.

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