What the Internet Should Be or Weirdos Unleashed

I wish I had known about The Show with zefrank back when it was running. I feel so out of it. (Sadly I can’t seem to embed the videos, so click here to watch one about Scrabble.)

It seems like it was a daily video podcast but where the audience actually ran whole chunks of the show through submissions, a wiki page and all sorts of interactive (pre-crowdsourcing) projects, like zefrank vs the audience in a game of chess, one move a day for 32 days.

Tag me inspired by the ambition, the creativity and proud (on behalf of all new media aspirants) he pulled it off, even for just a year.

BONUS: the zefrank website has tons of delightfully absurd mini-games and widget-like web trinkets. This one lets you randomly build a Frankenstein’s monster style mate. And this one grows oranges with a click. Why you ask. Wrong question! Ask why not!

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