Accidental Art: Fred and Sharon

I love Fred and Sharon movies. Their pacing and pure unpredictability keeps me captivated, nearly stunned. Especially this one, presumably an actual ad for a real aspiring director.

For some reason there is a mad scientist scene, a random health care related chase, twirling and flying animation and a macing followed by hugging.

This is what happens when you mash honestly creative ideas with complete technical ineptitude, then banish any and all self-criticism (or quality control). Who would have thought doing a stand-up in front of a green screen of yourself behind you would work so well?

Kudos to Fred and Sharon!

2 Responses to “Accidental Art: Fred and Sharon”

  1. […] duck is my favorite part. But a close second is the editing; Walter Murch would be jealous! So are Fred and Sharon. What’s your favorite […]

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