Freak Explosion Kills Martha Stewart’s Dog

Once again I’m drawn in by a headline only to feel hoodwinked by the poor caliber journalism behind it.

Not only must I cope with the emotional blow of learning of the sad fate of poor little Genghis Khan (yeah that’s what Martha Stewart named her fluff ball) in a propane truck explosion at Pazzazz kennels in PA, but to make matters worse, I have to admit that has, yet again, covered a story better than the AP.

Sure the AP tells us the basics – death toll (17 dogs), cursory quote from Stewart (she’s “deeply saddened”) – but where’s the juice?!?!

If the AP is going to stoop to cover this level of story for pure sensationalism and Martha Stewart schadenfreude, then the least the venerable newswire can do is link to her weepy blog post with the doggy photo gallery. Even I can do that! And I am waaaay lazier than the AP stringers.

Besides snarky copy, The TMZ post has BONUS tidbits like the fact that this is the second Martha Stewart pet to die in the last year. Ouch.

AP, learn from your raunchy upstart web competition or get out of the stupid celeb beat.

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