Best Explainers Yet of the Financial Crisis.

I know it’s the silver medal winner of the snooze Olympics right now to get an “explainer” of the financial crisis/meltdown/collapse/blah blah blah. (Gold medal is “what are you doing differently because of the downturn?” stories.)

However these are graphics (so less to read) and they are downright amazing!

GOOD Magazine, as always, turns out the best of infographic design. Pasted below are two thumbnails of two of the nine finalists in a recent contest.

Above is by Jonathan Jarvis. He actually made a companion video that’s also worth a watch. Below is by the cryptic Cypher 13. I bet he’ll come out with his/her real name if s/he wins the $500 prize.

Check out the full versions and lemme know which you think is best. The contest winners will be announced any day now. I think.

One Response to “Best Explainers Yet of the Financial Crisis.”

  1. Mr. Angry Says:

    As a self-proclaimed expert in the liquidity crisis, I note that many of these infographics are of questionable accuracy and precision. In order to make complex things simple, must they also become wrong?

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