Nunchuks + You Tube = Fun!

Some toys are just plain flawed from the very conception. Similarly, some weapons are just bound to do more harm to you than your “enemy”:

Enter the nunchuck:

Now the question is this: which is funnier, the first shock to the jewels, or his friend with the jump kick for good measure? You decide.

Because embedding a funny You Tube video with a one line comment would negate any flimsy justification for coming to this blog over the site where I found the vid I took it upon myself to find out how frequently nunchucks are employed for our collective entertainment. The answer is: very often!

And most of these videos seem to be people filming themselves showing off, then they inevitably hit themselves or break something of value.

Nunchucks $12.95

Nunchucks $8.95

To honor the art, here’s nunchuck baseball, and Bruce Lee on with some nunchuck ping pong (not real, but still pretty damn impressively done.

Buy the buggers here for as low as $7. Send in any bloopers please please please!

BONUS: Here’s a video of an equally funny, but nunchuk unrelated injury. Watch it and laugh!

Ed Note: The first video is fake. Sill hilarious. But there’s a protective cup involved. It’s all a meta comedy self-refererential performance. Clever, and not terrible even though the fakers are a bit obsessed with the meta schtick rabbit hole.

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