EVENT: $66 to Work AND Play!

I love, love, love the idea for this conference: how to merge work and play. I’m not crazy about the price ($66), but since it comes with free scotch, I say, “It’s a fine deal! Step right up!”

LVHRD, those cagey game mongers of the creative class, deserve the praise they heap on themselves for event-planning originality (and spelling). But now they’ve continued the expansion from their bread and butter Architect’s Duel and fashionable eating contests.

Spend this Saturday at a non-conference on how to balance work and play … or how to merge them.

Our panel of six speakers, each specifically chosen for his or her success blending play into their work lives, will construct interactive elements designed to emphasize the value of constructive play.

And the hard sell:

Throughout the day, you will be asked to put your new found WRK/PLY skills into action at our official WRK/PLY open bar, sponsored by Dewar’s and Brooklyn Brewery. Included with your purchase is a two-year subscription to Time Out New York …

I wonder if they’ll have LEGO work/play consultants blogged about here.

Click here for tix to the WRK/PLY conference. Oh yeah, and it’s in NYC.

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