Rats with Wings!

Another fine comment on the human condition …

Photo: The Glue Society. I Heard Theyre Dirty

Photo: The Glue Society. "I Heard They're Dirty"

And yes, that’s a scruffy little man squatting atop the statue of a pigeon.

The fun question isn’t, “what is this trying to say?” nor, “why build this?” No, the real question is, “could a pigeon ever recognize himself as a statue, and then what?”

A detailed photo of the squatter, another question and BONUS pic of past work after the jump.

Photo: The Glue Society

Photo: The Glue Society

Alternate question: How did little man get himself up there?

Find more fun including TV and Film work at The Glue Society.

BONUS: Our all time favorite Glue Society art creation. It’s the definition of whimsy incarnate! (with a hint of irony).

One Response to “Rats with Wings!”

  1. Aleksandar Says:

    not funny further more stupid.
    Disrespect for pigeons is just necrophilia even as a poor attempt to be funny

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