Cadillac WTF Concept Car

Here’s a sick concept car dreamed up by (insane?) designer Loren Kulesus for Cadillac‘s 100th birthday. It’s called the World Throrium Fuel Vehicle … right the WTF! So, he says, he wanted to make a car that would last another 100 years.

This vehicle was designed with high-quality materials that are build [sic] to resist 100-years of daily use. There are redundancies built for all the major systems of the vehicle so even if something were to fail on the vehicle it would continue to function. This is why the vehicle has 24 wheels with individual internal induction motors. The vehicle would require the tires to be adjusted every 5 years, but no material would need to be added or subtracted.

In the pic, you can see that each wheel is really six separate parallel wheels. Pretty smart really.

Also…It’s power by radioactive fuel: thorium.

This vehicle is designed to last 100 years without a fuel-up. The surplus power generated from its Thorium reactor can be used to give back to the grid, power a neighborhood, or recharge other electric battery-equipped devices. Designed with safety in mind, the reactor has multiple scuttle devices to poison the sub-critical reaction in case of extreme abuse…

Link via Gozmodo via Ashley (thanks!)

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