Kids+karate+whackjob+public access

This definitely falls in the category of WTF. Still, I want to comment.

I’m pretty sure this video is advocating beatings of children, although it’s possible I might have missed the message of “Magical Martial Arts.”

The part where the crazy man punches at the kids at home while screaming duck is my favorite. But a close second is the editing; Walter Murch would be jealous! So are Fred and Sharon. What’s your favorite part? And …

Remember, as the song says:

“There’s a winner inside each and every one of us / There’s a warrior inside …”

If you liked this vid, you will also probably like this one.

Via, Anika.

One Response to “Kids+karate+whackjob+public access”

  1. andresito君 Says:

    My brain acts the same way as yours!!
    I watched the video and all I could think was… WTF!

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