Best Spam Ever – part 2

See previous post for the start of the email chain between a 419 email scammer and a friend of Absurd Delight, also for funny 419 scam links.

All you really need to know is the scammers are from the United Nations Money Laundering Association. But their English is so bad they don’t really know the difference between “laundering” and “lendering.” Our favorite parts in blue.


Subject: Dear Jarod L. Bingham, acknowledgment needed by UN, team.

From: InfoUsa MoneyLaundary <>
Subject: Re: Dear Jarod L. Bingham, acknowledgment needed by UN, team.
Date: Tuesday, March 31, 2009, 10:57 AM

Dear Jarod L. Bingham,
It is very important that you acknowledge the receipt of the below mail which was sent to you from this office previously to enable us move ahead with the process.
Bryan Clark.
Dear Jarod L. Bingham,
This is to acknowledge the receipt of your mail along with your particulars in respect to the lendering process of the $26,000,000 USD from this UN money lendering association. We have noted the content of your mail along with your request of providing you with the official Laundering Application Registration Form [pic here] and the address to which you should submit it.
Mr. Jarod, we are sorry to inform you that … as part of our routine in this organization, before we could process and dispatch to you, the requested amount which you are applyig for, it is imperative that you forward to us, a scanned copy of either your INTERNATION PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPH or a scanned copy of your DRIVERS LICENSE for identification and not your passport of ID card #.

It is also very important that you make available to us, your contact phone # for easy contact and for any urgent update/information from this organization during this process.
Futhermore as we await the receipt of the above requested information from you, we humbly request that you take a preview to your particulars which we have received in this office and if there is any correction to be made, kindly do that and keep us update while forwarding the above requested information.
Your particulars.
Full Name: Jarod Lester Bingham
Country: USA
Home Address:  784 Sillypants Way
Nutter Butter City, New York
Fax Number: (810) 277-2934
Passport #:  67534255 (USA)
Driving License #: YAW3832 (Rhode Island)
Amount applied for: $26,000,000 USD

Please kindly reconfirm to us, the correctness of your above particulars to avoid any mistake. Be rest assured that on the receipt of your mail along with the above information reconfrmed with your contact phone # as well as a copy of either your INTERNATION PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPH or DRIVERS LICENSE ID, we shall provide you with the official Laundering Application Registration Form and direct you on where to send it after filling/signing it as you requested.
We look forward to your urgent response.
Bryan Clark,
UN Lending Unit.
To: InfoUsa MoneyLaundary>
Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 6:34 AMRe: Dear Jarod L. Bingham, acknowledgment needed by UN, team.

Mr. Clark,

I apologize for my late response.  I was traveling in the mountains of Peru and my satellite phone was destroyed after my convoy was attacked by some natives. Rest assured, I am back safely and am eager to continue to work towards our mutual business goals.

I have attached my passport photo, as you requested.  I normally do not give out my mobile telephone number, but given the importance of this deal I will provide you with my personal line, (512) 802-REDACTED BY EDs. Please use your discretion and do not distribute this number a I am a very private person.

Despite my delay, I ask that you please send me the Laundering Application Registration Form without any further delay.  I should tell you that I have received an offer for Money Laundering by email from a Nigerian agency not affiliated with yours, and frankly their commission is a bit better than yours, so I am thinking about Laundering my $26,000,000 with them.  I will let you know what I decide.

Jarod Bingham


8 Responses to “Best Spam Ever – part 2”

  1. stuffs hilarious

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  3. hahah! Awesome! XD

    By the way, how’s the child prost. bussiness?! U know.. I’m so lonely by this time……. hehehe! Just Kidding! 😛

  4. I just love the part about, “my convoy was attacked by some natives!”

    I think it’s about time someone took these thieves for a “ride”.

    Well done so far.

  5. redsoxmaniac Says:

    Bravo! That was great.

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