Best Spam Ever – Part 3

This is just amazing!

Here’s part 3 of the email chain between email spammers from the United Nations Money Laundering Association and Absurd Delight.

Part 1 has the ridiculous opening email salvo from the spammers, in part 2 our man, Jarod Bingham has been attacked by natives thus delaying the transaction, and also has received counter laundering offers from Nigeria. Now it just gets more absurd as the UN Launderers jealsously guard their turf from Nigerian competitors. Best parts in blue.


From: InfoUsa MoneyLaundary <>
Subject: Re: Re: Dear Jarod L. Bingham, response from UN, team.
Date: Friday, April 10, 2009, 7:03 PM

Dear Jarod L. Bingham,

We are sorry for what you went through during your travel to Peru. Your mail has been received along with copies of your passport and your contact phone number. Be rest assured that all your information including your private phone number are already kept in absolute confidentiality.

Concerning the Loan application Registration form, we shall definitely forward it to you by tomorrow 11th April. Therefore as soon as you receive the form, kindly follow the instruction and get back to us as soon as possible.

Finally We want to respond to your information on the loan offer that you said that you have received from Nigeria, there is no doubt that some unscrupulous Nigerian elements will try to contravene the law of the United Nations.

We want to inform you that during the time when this program was initially established, Nigeria was counted out because they opposed the motion and as a matter of fact, only two countries in West Africa was registered to represent the UN in West Africa for this loan offer.

Therefore if any one is contacting you from Nigeria with any kind of loan offer, such person is a fraud star and should be reported to the police for breaking the law of the United Nations.

The only two countries in West Africa who have the permission to participate in this program are 1.Burkina Faso and 2. Benin Republic and no more. This is just for your urgent information. We shall forward the loan application form to you tomorrow.

Bryan Clark,
UN Lending Unit.


EDs NOTE: Is it customary for the 5th response to be from someone who actually speaks English well? And, is it really a constant hassle for 419 scammers that another 419 scammer might swoop in and steal the same mark away?

From: “InfoUsa MoneyLaundary” <>
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2009 04:54:52 -0700
Subject: Re: Re: Dear Jarod L. Bingham, kindly view the attached form from UN, team.

Dear Jarod L. Bingham,
We are glad to inform you that we have finally completed every arrangement to offer you the loan which you requested for.
However to complete the process, you are requested to fill the attached Loan Application Form and return it to this office along with the fee attached to it.
You are therefore advised to remit the fee Via Western Union Money Transfer using the information of our financial secretary below.
Receiver’s Name: JOEL PETERSON
Country: LONDON UK
Text Question: WHAT COLOR?
Answer: BLUE
as soon as you make the payment, kindly forward an attached copy of the Western Union Payment Receipt for withdrawal and also send via e-mail, the MTCN Number along with the name of Sender.
We await your response and urgent compliance.
Bryan Clark,
UN Lending Unit.

5 Responses to “Best Spam Ever – Part 3”

  1. This is the best! LOL!

    “Fraud Star”? 😀

  2. dougkuchna Says:

    this has made my Monday morning- about time somebody fought fire with fire

  3. redsoxmaniac Says:

    When I launder my millions, I always use Western Union, and always supply the unbreakable fortress that which is… The text color password!

    Must be flighty with my steps to the seedy late-night check cashers with briefcase in hand, to thwart away the hooligans, rapscallions, and “stars of fraud” who want to take my kiddie porn money!

    For this man, this hero! Such a hero to descend upon my inbox using a mail2webmaster email suffix! This is such a man I do know in my dreams as an honest gentlemen laying out his hand and soul over the world wide web to hide the good money of an American elite.

    This man will receive and protect my money, and I shall live in peace knowing the anonymous avenger will only ask for a meager portion in return. Such altruism can only found in the gardens of the angels! Oh Jezebel you have lost the great money launderer Bryan Clark to good!

    I will not lose to evil. Allow me this one measure to send my money to this anonymous land, a land that must be heaven, and hope that no one breaks the sacred color code: blue.

    Such simplicity, yet so voracious in the means of protection! Not even the Somalian Pirates can steal this treasure, for the fortress of the color password will elude them, and break their will!

    And scores of shillings & pence, off you go to your safety commence.


    Sorry, went a little overboard:)

  4. […] To truly appreciate the absurdity here, please read this thread from the beginning when we first received an offer from the United Nations Money Laundering Association in part 1. See their Laundering Application form here. And read the bizarre evolution of the scam and scambaiting in part 2 and part 3. […]

  5. […] Spam Ever – Part 5 See the earlier posts 1, 2, 3, and 4 to get some choice emails giving the run around to some foolish Nigerian/419 […]

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