Snuggie Pub Crawl

Like bar crawls? Love Snuggies? Or at least to make fun of people in snuggies?

Well, take that irony to the next level and join the growing trend of Snuggie bar crawls. Yes, that link is to an entire website devoted to Snug-Crawls: how to organize your own, Snuggie social network, and a video of past events posted below.

Urban Daddy, the snarky email “magazine” about how to be better than everyone else has the news on a NYC Snuggie Bar Crawl tomorrow.

This Saturday at noon, New York’s snuggie lovers will embark on an eight-hour tour of the city’s pubs … equipped with sleeved blankets, an unwavering sense of purpose, and an all-day ticket to $2 Budweisers.

Have at it you fluffy mayhem lovers. Tickets are $20, plus the Snuggies hide your beer belly!

BONUS: Find Snug Crawls in your city.

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