Your Factory Warranty Is About to Expire …

Kudos to Jim C. for spearheading the effort to find out who is behind the massive robocall telemarketing scourge of cell and landlines across the nation.

You know the call (and if you don’t here’s an egregious and slightly outdated version):

So you get this “second notice that the factory warranty on your car is about to expire” and an authoritative, somewhat concerned voice implores you to call back and address this pressing issue.

Jim C. has posted a few transcripts of his admirable efforts to extract information from the robocalling syndicate; the one with an evasive woman named Porshe is our favorite.

Other victims of the robocalls are less journalistic in their conversations with the telemarketers. Below are highlights from You Tube.

Here ejf1220 does a good job of getting them to admit they have no idea what his name is and that they know nothing about his car or warranty. Then he executes a Bart Simpson move pretty well.

And here, melish99 tries to extend the warranty on his Abrams tank. It’s the vehicle he uses day to day. But for some reason the telemarketer can’t find the model in his system. So no deal.

Good luck Jim C.! Track down the source. And post more at your new blog devoted just to this very topic.

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