THE Infotainer says Your Business Card is Crap

If you think the Snuggie folks or Fred and Sharon have mastered the art of low budget video captivation, we would like to introduce you to Joel Bauer.

He calls himself the infotainer and has actually parlayed his “cheerful megalomania” into an apparently lucrative speaking business (he’s the guy hired to man corporate booths at conferences). Watch as he tells you your business card is crap.

His business card is the best he’s ever seen, costs only $4 a card. It’s kind of like a pop up children’s book crossed with a self-portrait. Also it’s obnoxious. Links and genuine mainstream press response after the jump.

He’s been mocked by Time Magazine, so that’s gotta help too.

At his website (which you have to give your email address to access) he has hundreds of videos, mostly of him, with persuasion tips, doing magic tricks and bragging about how he’s trained winners (you might be a winner, but that’s for him to judge) like: Mark Victor Hansen, Matt & Amanda Clarkson, Adam Urbansky, Marko Rubel,  and on and on with big name celeb speakers like them. Seriously.

Joel Bauer, selects only 50 people he feels will succeed at Platform Speaking & Closing–no more than 50 are mentored by Bauer personally in his demanding five day and night immersion certification training.

Cheerful megalomania, remember?


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One Response to “THE Infotainer says Your Business Card is Crap”

  1. theinfotainer Says:

    Joel is AN Infotainer … but I am The Infotainer!

    He does have some good content in his work, no question, but his delivery styles does not suit everyone. But isn;’t tat true of anyone?

    Of course business cards should be attention getting, convey style, character, contact info and any other meassage they can. They should also be congruent with your own style and anchor key benefits to them so you keep them.

    But there are many many ways of doing this, and pop-up cards is just one.

    Does he care that Time magazine didn’t like his video … of copurse not .. it brought him what he wanted … another TON of traffic some of which he converts to business he would not otherwise get.

    John Gordon
    The Infotainer

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