The Swankiest Parking Garage Ever … also Gymnastics

So this fancy apartment complex in Denmark is all the rage in the architecture world (see pics of “Mountain Dwelling” here).  Somehow a lot of the hype is about the parking garage, which, when you watch the video, is actually amazing.

“Traditionally parking is a gray, dark spooky space,” … “We have transformed that into very tall ceilings, a generous cathedral of car culture.” (as quoted in the NY Times)

So, to really understand what you get when you cross a garage with St. Peter’s, what better way than a You Tube video of gymnasts vaulting around under the vaulted ceiling of the world’s slickest car park.

Check it out in the video above; worth it more for the documentation that someone actually built a 380 car parking garage with 40 foot ceilings, and cute car sized rectangles to tell drivers where the cars go.
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