Cyber Stalker Outsmarts NBC Reporter

Admit it, you love it when your local news reporter blindsides some scumbag in his office or home to ask him if he has stopped beating his wife, or some other such question bound to enrage and embarrass the poor criminal.

Well if the scum a) is functionally crazy, and b) works in a costume shop, the formula doesn’t work out so well for the reporter.

My favorite line is “please take off the rabbit head.” And guess what? There’s another mask on underneath.

Best part is that the alleged cyber-stalker gets in a few plugs for her website. On second thought, I think she’s a genius, and not crazy at all.

Here’s the back story:

Cranston police have arrested an alleged cyberstalker. Ann Bruno, a local costume shop owner, is accused of using a computer to harass a competitor. NBC 10s Jim Taricani attempted to question her about it in what turned out to be an unusual interview.”

And, because why not, let’s take this oppportunity to compare this NBC debacle of an interview to the NBC debacle of a series, To Catch a Predator. That’s the horrendous, self-righteous TV show where host Chris Hansen essentially entraps aspiring online child molesters. What would Chris Hansen have done here? Nothing. This is way better programing.

For a good time, listen to some highlights of Catching a Predator excerpted for maximum out of context absurdity.

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