The BBC Meets Animal Planet

This is huge news folks. International sensation. The venerable BBC is reporting on an amazing victory bound to inspire millions: a little bird ate a big eel.

Here’s the official headline:

Bird swallows eel after struggle.

What exactly these pictures show, we’re not sure, but we can pretty well guess that without them, there wouldn’t have been this scoop at all.

A hungry bird was seen struggling to eat a 4ft long (1.2m) eel for 20 minutes before swallowing it whole on the banks of a city river.

Eyewitnesses said the eel was almost twice the size of the cormorant which was fishing in the River Taff near the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

One woman said the eel coiled itself round the bird’s neck causing it to drop and re-catch it four times.

Read more eye-witness Bird vs Eel reports at the BBC here.

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