From Baldness to Boldness

Going bald is a drag. And until the big pharma companies muster the resources away from impotence towards hairline recessions, shiney headed men will just have to endure hats and hokey schemes.

And here’s a doozy.

Who exactly is the target audience for this ad?

Tattoo that hairline back into the the crisp fresh-from-the-barber eye catcher it used to be. Convenient and classy, all at once. Details, contact info, and close-up pic below.

A British firm, HiStyl(tm) is expanding into the USA. If you want to sign up to get your head permanently tinted to look like you’re a close cropped baller, get in touch with the company here.

If you want to laugh inwardly at the torment of prematurely visually handicapped men driven by a mix of insecurity and rational strategy to the drastic action of permanent hair substitution, see the gallery here.

For everything else about the company, including FAQ and intentionally medical sounding mumbo jumbo, go to the HiStyl website.

And yes, their slogan really is “From Baldness to Boldness.”

Via @wierdnews on Twitter.

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5 Responses to “From Baldness to Boldness”

  1. really… “boldness”? sheepishly opting to tattoo your dome with fake follicles? this is bold:

  2. My company in the USA has been doing this procedure for some time. This is nothing new. I am a tattoo artist of over 20 years and know the specifics and how this should be done. This is not something that one can learn in a short period of time. Check out my website.

  3. beautiful i am slowak

  4. Harry Headsup Says:

    Hi all. Seems only fair that someone puts the other side of this argument. It is typical of the world we live in that anything related to bald men is immediately seized upon by the naysayers and comedians as another opportunity to poke fun.
    Far from medical mumbo jumbo the procedure is classed as “paramedical” by the Health Authorities in the UK where it is used in a number of areas including covering scars. It is not a tattoo!! But dont take my word for it, read the site. Then read the blogs where sufferers share their angst to convince yourself that their need is real. Finally take a look at the testimonials from people who have had their self confidence transformed by the procedure.
    If, after all that, you would still prefer to snigger then I am afraid that says more about you than it does about the efficacy of this treatment.

  5. Pictures from OUR website are often used by competitors who try to pass them off as their ‘own’ work.

    We advise anyone interested in this procedure to carry out their own due diligence and to thoroughly research the company they plan on using.

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