New Watermelon Design

Here’s another couple pics from the strange fruit file.

The back story is unconfirmed, but it appears to be just another fine example of intrepid boldness in the face of mundane financial obstacles, like unused cubic inches in a shipping container. Stupid conventional watermelons, just don’t stack well.

See below how much easier the labeling is too.

This came to us via email, without attribution, so if you know the source, please lets us know and we’ll amend the post.

Likewise, if anyone has any information on whether or not these noble innovators have yet realized that the shipping savings can’t possibly outweigh the sales decline resulting from consumer panic at confronting fruit that looks like a robot. Still we wish them luck.

Via John S.


UPDATE: Related video about people who want to have square heads. Suggested by Liz. Thanks. Watch it here assuming you crave creepy square head commercial experiences.

One Response to “New Watermelon Design”

  1. tradetimes Says:

    Natural taste and price will decide these watermelons future.

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