New Age Treehouses

The Cool Hunter compiled some very impressive tree house concept houses. So we decided to see just how many posh arbor dwellings we’d want to squat in.

See inside pics here at Cool Hunter. Or just imagine what it would be like to land a space ship on a tropical paradise in the year 2238. Same thing really.

Though inconvenient for grandma to visit, this makes our list because it would make Ewoks jealous, and that’s a funny image. See interior pics at weburbanist. Also their list of 9 other houses.

And FreshHome’s own list, both of which include this floating orb house. What’s the floor like?

Learn to build your own treehouse here.

And if you happen to be in Sydney in 2010, the Cool Hunter is hosting an event for you.

TreeLife launches in Sydney – February 2010
We are excited to announce that our first offline event, TreeLife by The Cool Hunter, will be unveiled in Sydney’s iconic Hyde Park and other landmark satellite venues including Martin Place and the Sydney Opera House.

Details here.


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