A Big Waste of Time? You Decide.

OK, this is nuts. We know. But it’s captivating so indulge in some details.

Here’s the worlds largest model train set … apparently one of the biggest tourist destinations in Germany, so forgive us if you’ve already fallen in love with Miniatur Wunderland.

Exactly why is this absurd you ask? Mainly because it exists, but also because of how impressively thorough all the ancillary multimedia, behind the scenes tours, promotional products and business add-ons are. There are hotel and travel packages! Waiting time forecast charts! Good lord this is so German!

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

The projected cost of this alternate reality, when completed in 2014 is … take a guess? €15,000,000! That covers 850,000 work hours from 170 staffers, all carefully documented in weekly reports. More Wunderland in numbers below. But first, a few more pics!

There are over 200,000 small inhabitants, representing   thick people, thin people, animals on trips… very alive humans, (pictured above) or not so alive humans (see below).

There are  … 170 computer controlled cars in the American, Scandanavian and Knuffingen sections … 800 trains with 10,000 railroad cars that travel several hundred kilmoters each day … ships large and small all going about their business.

NOTE: Most of the inhabitants of the Wunderland are not homeless. They mention that in the video.

It’s also a de facto commentary on what is important or interesting about the places they’ve modeled: Scandanvia, Switzerland, Knuffingen, Hamburg, Hars, Austria and, yup, America.

Fine. But in the 100 meter America Section there is Area 51, Mount Rushmore, Grand Canyon, Tunnel (Lincoln Tunnel?) Las Vegas and Christmas Village. That’s America in the size of a studio apartment. [Scandanavia gets a frozen Viking ship, so, there’s that.]

And why the hell is Santa on a transatlantic cruise ship you ask? We don’t know, but there is an HD tracking shot of it! Sweet usage of fancy multimedia equipment + sound effects.

We’ll leave you with a NOTE: on Tunnel.

What happens if a train derails in the tunnel? The arm of our largest employee is only one metre! The solution is a train of 4 engines which – forcibly if needed – pushes the train out of the tunnel.

LINK: Miniatur Wunderland

Reservations here.


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  1. LOL that is crazy.

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