Woman to Marry a Carnival Ride – Seriously

Once again the British Daily Telegraph scoops US papers on a doozy of a local story.

…a US church organist who claims to have objectum sexuality – a condition that makes sufferers attracted to inanimate objects – plans to marry a magic carpet fairground ride.

Now you are probably a bit confused. How can a 33 year old Pennsylvania woman wed a mechanical gondola ride you ask? Not really sure. We are still befuddled on that legal point. But she really means it:

Miss Wolfe … will change her surname to Weber after the manufacturer of the ride she travels 160 miles to visit 10 times per year, according to reports. [Absurd Delight would love to know of which reports they speak] …“I love him as much as women love their husbands and know we’ll be together forever,” she said.

Check out the full article for a few more choice quotes that, though brief, reveal that this woman really is in love.  She is mocked yes. But that love is part of who she is, and she will act on it no matter how she might be treated, not unlike brave homosexual lovers from an earlier, less tolerant time. So really, she’s at the vanguard of a sexual identity movement in the making. Is loving a machine so strange?

No, but letting yourself get written up in an international newspaper for marrying metal sure invites derision.

Especially when you lie down underneath it and rub oil all over yourself in near orgasmic bliss on camera. Watch video here.

In the video you can really hear her passion: the way Amy Wolfe talks about why she loves the ride is not all that different from how a preservationist talks about a beautiful building. She’s like an architecture critic from a sex crazed parallel universe.

Or for pic of Amy Wolfe and the complete article: link.

@absurddelight for more links and lunacy.

BONUS: Here’s video of a woman who married the Eiffel tower.

5 Responses to “Woman to Marry a Carnival Ride – Seriously”

  1. maybe someone said to her “if you love that ride so much why don’t you marry it?” and she’s the type of dare-doing person who just had to do it at that point.

  2. mmm, women can marry inanimate objects which cant even consent and
    yet in most US states two men cannot marry each other when they are in a loving TWO way relationship.

  3. lieutenantslothropsv2 Says:

    this reminds me of the sci fi story abut the lady who fell in love with a robot… cept its not a robot, it’s a giant unnattractive thing. (and also an amusement park ride! *rimshot*)

  4. alexaaaish Says:


  5. 0_0 well now..

    I don’t think one can compare attraction to an object to homosexuality. I mean.. yeah, i just don’t see it.

    So, she is getting married to a fairground ride? Hm.

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