Sprite Bombs and Other Holiday Shopping Deals.

Cool Neon is having a 2-for-1 holiday shopping sale on party starting luminescence.

Sprite Bombs

For some unknown reason, these babies are not illegal yet, so get’em while you can! Remember those small, paper wrapped bombs we enjoyed as kids? Well, a whole new generation of instantaneous explosive gratification has arrived!!!

Neon Strobing Sunglasses

New Age Opthamology

The name pretty much explains it: “Clear plastic frames with Cool Neon wire wrapped throughout the inside of the frames.” AA batteries not included.

Remote Control Rainbow Lightbulb

The Clapper 12.0

It has 16 preset colors including bright white at variable brightnesses and can cycle or morph trough all 16color and the 1000’s of colors in between.

Let us know if you buy any of these.

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Thanks to Alex H. for the tip.

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