America’s First Legal Gigolo

Via Details

Details Magazine broke some news last week. They had an “exclusive interview” that sparked coverage around the country of a little ranch in Nevada. That salacious scoop was picked up by the AP and spread through venerable CBS, MSNBC, and even staid NPR inciting gleeful web editors all around to chuckle and hit publish on headlines including the word “Prostidude.”  Originality reigns, but that’s not the point here.

The man of the hour goes by “Markus” and he’s using his 15 minutes of fame/ridicule to preach an empowerment gospel, part of a long venerable line of other civil rights heroes.

He is a man is proclaiming his rights for all to hear:

“It’s just the same as when Rosa Parks decided to sit at the front instead of the back. She was proclaiming her rights as a disadvantaged, African-American older woman. And I’m doing the same.”

And promoting empowerment:

“A surrogate lover will love that woman for a whole hour, or however much we charge here, and she’ll leave feeling much more empowered and much more confident in herself.”

Noble work indeed. And if you wonder how one comes to find stable pay for such saintly acts:

“Shady Lady operator Bobbi Davis picked him from about 10 potential hires culled from hundreds of applications, many featuring crude inquiries, according to her husband and co-owner, Jim.” -AP

Fun facts: He prefers ‘gigolo’ to ‘prostitute’, or ‘prostidude’, and he’s taking a little heat from female co-workers for his steadfast unwillingness to have sex with men.

Want more gems like this? Well, there may not be any future historically poignant dispatches from this burly trailblazer. You’ll have to visit the ranch yourself for more Markus. His boss …

“…told The Associated Press that after reading the (Details) article, he and his wife decided that Markus doing interviews was bad for business.”

Presumably because would-be lady-patrons don’t want to do it with someone who misunderstands the true work of Rosa Parks. They also predict business will be slow in starting  … “getting paying women customers could take at least a month.”

Good luck Markus! Blaze that trail for aspiring legal gigolos all around rural Nevada!


Shady Lady Ranch Brothel

Details interview that started it all. Plus a pretty poor slideshow that we presume was taken over the course of 5 minutes before the batteries died.

BONUS: If you want to follow in Markus’ footsteps. The Shady Lady is hiring more brave souls to chart a course for legal exclusively (maybe?) hetero prostiduding.

Want Ad link here.

The Shady Lady Ranch is Looking for a few good men.

  Between 21 and 40.
 Have a Good Work Ethic.
 Must be Service Oriented.
 Have a Willingness to Please.
 Have a Positive Attitude.

 If you think you have what it takes, please send pictures
 (head shot and body shot, no nudes)
 and a short Bio to
 The Madam will contact those whom she feels will do the best.

One Response to “America’s First Legal Gigolo”

  1. you should apply, a-bomber and see if the shad-ay lad-ay is interested!

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