NBA Mascot Eats Cheerleader(s)

It only takes 26 seconds people. Just click and watch as that quasi-inflatable bubble faced dinosaur swallows the perky cheerleader whole.

But where exactly does she go? And what happens next?

OK, this is actually common. More vids after the jump.

Clutch eats a scantily clad cheerleader and then a mascot v cheerleaders battle ensues. The ladies win, the mascot falls.

And in a poorly executed twist on the maneuver, here a coach tries to get in on the game. Just weak really.

But Mackeral Jordan redeems himself here. This routine takes the cake in the balloon-mascot-eats-person genre. There’s character development, shtick, unpredictability, quality follow through with the whole clothes removing part, and it seems like it all fits into on two minute time out.

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