Crowdsourced Absurdity – also Dating Cards: Business Cards for the Celibate

Scroll down for a participatory opportunity to wreak some comedic havoc on the bizarre twitter dating scene.

But first a little history and inspiration. Not too too long ago the phrase calling card meant something different. Now that we have phones and internety devices at the ready, the calling card is gone, but it now has a replacement. And its free with your response to an Evite event right now (you might get a cupcake coupon instead).

Better than "What's Your Sign?"

What the hell is a dating card for that a business card can’t achieve, you ask? And who would date someone that has 250 of these? We’d like to know too! Someone, please use these. Please. Order here, and tell us how it goes. Or, if that’s too intensive, help us live out the promise of the card.

The email address and phone number for our dear desperate friend Chad Fulton clearly don’t work, and there is no @chadfulton99 on Twitter.

Well, there WAS no @chadfulton99. But there is now Absurders. If you’d like to follow this intrepid card-carrying love hunter, just head on over to and  check out what he’s up to, and the impressive ladies he’s now following.

Hell, if you want to tweet as Chad and help him get a date, his password is that self-same statement of his date-worthy personality as his dating card subtitle: standupguy

Have fun!

Please do note that Chad’s card says “tweet me” thus indicating his view on twitter terminology.


Buy your dating cards now!

Here’s an equally silly variation on the “dating card” but withouth the bonus of being free, and therefore, even less likely to succeed.

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