What is absurd delight?

I want to be a curator of the absurd.

I want to find creations that confound as they delight. Culling from high art, public access archives, the daily trove of accidental subway poetry, and all the fine WTF email forwards that now sprinkle our bloated inboxes, I will hunt for whatever “it” is that often leaves me stammering, unable to describe the essence of the glory I’m confronted with. I want to find and share the sense of delight I receive when I stumble upon the intricately inexplicable of any sort.

The best of these delight-inducers tend to be elaborate, the products of the harnessed enthusiasm and creative collaboration among talented pranksters of various areas of expertise. The very pinnacles of the genre, like surrealist art of any medium, tap into an oft-underutilized power we all have to re-imagine our world as a parallel universe, reminding us, just because this is the way it has always been doesn’t mean it’s how it has to be, in short, forcing us to ask: “But What If …?”

Why these otherwise occupied individuals exert their precious talents on the inexplicable and unclassifiable, we may never really know. But we can revel in the absurd delight!

Here’s an opening salvo of digital versions of a potential collection, the product of a few lucky clicks on around the web in my spare time.

One Response to “What is absurd delight?”

  1. […] Here’s part 3 of the email chain between email spammers from the United Nations Money Laundering Association and Absurd Delight. […]

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