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Gentrification – The Game

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As part of the fantastical Come Out and Play festival in NYC this weekend, there are a ton of games-meet-performance art activities you can join, all for free. Without having played them, here’s one that seemed especially intriguing, and, frankly, mildly offensive.

Details here. In short, if you like Monopoly, role play and running around your neighborhood, this is perfect.  Bonus that it’s all about a culturally sensitive topic, which, after all, is the natural domain for art!

In this strategic game, small teams of players compete to collect properties and transform the neighbourhood. As developers, they’ll develop swanky lofts, erect coffee shops, and raise property values. As locals, they’ll form BIAs, build community centres, and try to thwart the developers. Along the way there will be art, vicious debates, and possibly an Apple Store.

You can find details about how to sign up here. Send pics if ya play.

Links: Come Out and Play festival


Bhopal Water – ewwww

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Photo: The Yes Men

Photo: The Yes Men

Five years ago, the Yes Men impersonated Dow Chemical live on BBC World Television and announced that after 20 years, the company was finally going to clean up its mess in Bhopal. That hoax, … temporarily knocked two billion dollars off Dow’s share price …”

Here’s their latest prank against Dow Chemical … bottling the toxic water from Bhopal and bringing it to Dow Chemical.

The unique qualities of our water come from 25 years of slow-leaching toxins at the site of the world’s largest industrial accident.

See that prank, and more in the Yes Men’s new movie, The Yes Men Fix The World, which opens in UK cinemas on August 11. It comes to the USA sometime later.

Link for prank lovers. Link for do gooders.

FYI: @absurddelight rules!

Exploding Snow Man in Slow Motion

Posted in accidental art, neato, stunts, videos with tags , , , on June 19, 2009 by absurddelight

In honor of the dawn of summer, here’s a video of an exploding snow man … in SUPER SLOW MOTION.

For all sorts of things in Super Slow Motion go here.

It’s a pretty thorough compilation actually, with gunshots, insects, water and even 3D videos in super slow motion. We recommend the explosions of course.


@absurddelight, cause why not?

Funny Email Chain for a Collection Agent

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Geekologie posted a full email chain for a clever, but apparently broke iconoclast who repeatedly attempts to settle a back debt of $200+ by emailing in a drawing of a spider.

And when it isn’t accepted, he rightly demands that it be sent back to him. That’s pretty much all the progress he gets out of it. But if you enjoy reading mockery of debt collectors, click below.

Link. Via Sean C.

Billboard Reclaiming

Posted in art and design, stunts with tags , , , , on April 13, 2009 by absurddelight

Here’s a how-to guide to defacing public property … or improving corporate brainwashing, depending on how you look at it.

Why Should Madison Ave Execs Get to Decorate Our Subways?

Finishing Touches

Artist Jennifer Jacobs explains how she (or anyone) can use contact paper, paint markers and an exacto knife to beautify (or inexplicably beatify) the ad clutter we pass by every day. Not sure why she chose the religious route on this particular project, but we like her boldness and technical talent anyway.

We’ll post more soon on various artists who wage creative wars against public advertisements for various reasons. For now, here’s one decent job from the Billboard Liberation Front.



Human Petting Zoo Tonight

Posted in art and design, stunts, things to do with tags , on March 26, 2009 by absurddelight

Because why not.

And in case you are curious about who these “art pranksters” are, and why they ride the subway, click here.

They also run (mini)marathons, offer bouncy rides, and host meet-ups for like minded folk.

Bouncy Rides (getting bounced on the knee) are a free public service provided by Club Animals to the public. It is our pleasure. Asking what’s the point of bouncy rides, is like asking “what’s the point of kissing?”

By people in animal head costumes mind you.

EVENT: Tonight Club Animals are hosting a human petting zoo at Home Sweet Home in Manhattan. 9-11pm. free.

Subway Art Gallery

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The trailblazers at Improv Everywhere did it again.

They turned a NYC Subway station into a temporary art gallery complete with coat check, champagne (sparkling cider) bar, tuxedos, and fancy shmancy placards identifying the “art.”

What’s the art you ask?

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