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Street Justice

Posted in accidental art, WTF with tags , on August 14, 2011 by absurddelight


Bad mailbox looking machine thing! Sidewalk jail for you.

Crowdsourced Absurdity – also Dating Cards: Business Cards for the Celibate

Posted in art and design, business, WTF on September 28, 2010 by absurddelight

Scroll down for a participatory opportunity to wreak some comedic havoc on the bizarre twitter dating scene.

But first a little history and inspiration. Not too too long ago the phrase calling card meant something different. Now that we have phones and internety devices at the ready, the calling card is gone, but it now has a replacement. And its free with your response to an Evite event right now (you might get a cupcake coupon instead).

Better than "What's Your Sign?"

What the hell is a dating card for that a business card can’t achieve, you ask? And who would date someone that has 250 of these? We’d like to know too! Someone, please use these. Please. Order here, and tell us how it goes. Or, if that’s too intensive, help us live out the promise of the card.

The email address and phone number for our dear desperate friend Chad Fulton clearly don’t work, and there is no @chadfulton99 on Twitter.

Well, there WAS no @chadfulton99. But there is now Absurders. If you’d like to follow this intrepid card-carrying love hunter, just head on over to and  check out what he’s up to, and the impressive ladies he’s now following.

Hell, if you want to tweet as Chad and help him get a date, his password is that self-same statement of his date-worthy personality as his dating card subtitle: standupguy

Have fun!

Please do note that Chad’s card says “tweet me” thus indicating his view on twitter terminology.


Buy your dating cards now!

Here’s an equally silly variation on the “dating card” but withouth the bonus of being free, and therefore, even less likely to succeed.

NBA Mascot Eats Cheerleader(s)

Posted in funny, videos, WTF with tags , , , , , , , on March 1, 2010 by absurddelight

It only takes 26 seconds people. Just click and watch as that quasi-inflatable bubble faced dinosaur swallows the perky cheerleader whole.

But where exactly does she go? And what happens next?

OK, this is actually common. More vids after the jump. Continue reading

Conceptually Terrible –> Zen Bafflement

Posted in funny, videos, WTF with tags , , , , , on August 9, 2009 by absurddelight

Another installment of terrible You Tube videos that are so bad they’re like a dirty procrastination pleasure.

Please note the special effects, the costumes, the crisp recording of the audio track. There is talent hidden deep within this seemingly pointless debacle of film.

Like previous WTF videos posted on AD, XXX-Mas Kitten demonstrates that an amatuer filmmaker can, in fact, invest considerable time on a project, develop true technical abilities, and still churn out a video worth watching solely because it is so conceptually terrible that the mind freezes with confusion resulting in a kind of Zen bafflement.


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Woman to Marry a Carnival Ride – Seriously

Posted in news and media, WTF with tags , , , , , , , , on August 6, 2009 by absurddelight

Once again the British Daily Telegraph scoops US papers on a doozy of a local story.

…a US church organist who claims to have objectum sexuality – a condition that makes sufferers attracted to inanimate objects – plans to marry a magic carpet fairground ride.

Now you are probably a bit confused. How can a 33 year old Pennsylvania woman wed a mechanical gondola ride you ask? Not really sure. We are still befuddled on that legal point. But she really means it:

Miss Wolfe … will change her surname to Weber after the manufacturer of the ride she travels 160 miles to visit 10 times per year, according to reports. [Absurd Delight would love to know of which reports they speak] …“I love him as much as women love their husbands and know we’ll be together forever,” she said.

Check out the full article for a few more choice quotes that, though brief, reveal that this woman really is in love.  She is mocked yes. But that love is part of who she is, and she will act on it no matter how she might be treated, not unlike brave homosexual lovers from an earlier, less tolerant time. So really, she’s at the vanguard of a sexual identity movement in the making. Is loving a machine so strange?

No, but letting yourself get written up in an international newspaper for marrying metal sure invites derision.

Especially when you lie down underneath it and rub oil all over yourself in near orgasmic bliss on camera. Watch video here.

In the video you can really hear her passion: the way Amy Wolfe talks about why she loves the ride is not all that different from how a preservationist talks about a beautiful building. She’s like an architecture critic from a sex crazed parallel universe.

Or for pic of Amy Wolfe and the complete article: link.

@absurddelight for more links and lunacy.

BONUS: Here’s video of a woman who married the Eiffel tower.

New Watermelon Design

Posted in art and design, business, neato, WTF with tags , , , on June 21, 2009 by absurddelight

Here’s another couple pics from the strange fruit file.

The back story is unconfirmed, but it appears to be just another fine example of intrepid boldness in the face of mundane financial obstacles, like unused cubic inches in a shipping container. Stupid conventional watermelons, just don’t stack well.

See below how much easier the labeling is too. Continue reading

WTF Photo – Baby Dollipede

Posted in neato, WTF with tags , , , , , on June 14, 2009 by absurddelight

So, um, what would a diaper look like for this thing?

If you have more pics like this, or want to build your own creepy/creative backyard mash-ups, please send us the pics!


Cyber Stalker Outsmarts NBC Reporter

Posted in funny, news and media, videos, WTF with tags , , , , on June 2, 2009 by absurddelight

Admit it, you love it when your local news reporter blindsides some scumbag in his office or home to ask him if he has stopped beating his wife, or some other such question bound to enrage and embarrass the poor criminal.

Well if the scum a) is functionally crazy, and b) works in a costume shop, the formula doesn’t work out so well for the reporter.

My favorite line is “please take off the rabbit head.” And guess what? There’s another mask on underneath.

Best part is that the alleged cyber-stalker gets in a few plugs for her website. On second thought, I think she’s a genius, and not crazy at all.

Here’s the back story:

Cranston police have arrested an alleged cyberstalker. Ann Bruno, a local costume shop owner, is accused of using a computer to harass a competitor. NBC 10s Jim Taricani attempted to question her about it in what turned out to be an unusual interview.”

And, because why not, let’s take this oppportunity to compare this NBC debacle of an interview to the NBC debacle of a series, To Catch a Predator. That’s the horrendous, self-righteous TV show where host Chris Hansen essentially entraps aspiring online child molesters. What would Chris Hansen have done here? Nothing. This is way better programing.

For a good time, listen to some highlights of Catching a Predator excerpted for maximum out of context absurdity.

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Free Viagra!! Free Willy!!

Posted in business, WTF with tags , , , on May 14, 2009 by absurddelight

An annotated photo essay. What do these photos make you think of?


So get this: Pfizer has decided to give something back to the flacid community. If you get laid off, don’t worry, you can still get laid (cue rimshot, thank you very much). Little blue pills to come with your unemployment check.

People who qualify will receive their Pfizer medicines for free for up to 12 months or until they become re-insured (whichever comes first). More than 70 Pfizer primary care medicines will be available through the program.

So, this is part generous, part smart business and part plain old drug pushing. Keep ’em hooked and it’ll bring in the bucks in the long run.

Interested? Here are the criteria:

  • Loss of employment since January 1, 2009
  • Prescribed and taking a Pfizer medicine for at least 3 months prior to becoming unemployed and enrolling in the program
  • Lack of prescription drug coverage
  • Can attest to financial hardship


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Foolish FEMA makes 9/11 Coloring Book

Posted in art and design, news and media, WTF with tags , , , on May 6, 2009 by absurddelight

Really? I mean, really?

Just try to get your mind to bend and contort into emergency response planner mode. Because, apparently, that’s when it’s a good idea to make a kids coloring book about 9/11 and other tragedies. This makes us safer, damn it!

Here’s one you can print out and color for yourself.

Continue reading

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