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Bernie Madoff Trading Cards!

Posted in business, neato with tags , , , , , on April 3, 2009 by absurddelight

You know him, you hate him, now you can buy and sell him … finally.

Topps trading card company will release a set of great hoaxes, bamboozeles and hoodwinks. Who is goin to buy this? story? Who is not going to think the whole thing is a prank press release?

Well Fortune magazine for one.

Among the other do-badders in the subset are Charles Ponzi, The Runaway Bride, and Enron.”These cards feature 20 perpetrators of some of the most notorious pranks, dubious claims, and outright frauds of the last 2 centuries,” boasts a Topps sell-sheet for the collection.

And the way this works is these go in with the regular baseball cards. So kiddies collecting Derek Jeter and A-Rod cards end up with Madoff as a bonus. … Insert A-Rod hoax joke here if you like.

We wonder: Does Bernie Madoff get any royalties out of this?

BONUS: Topps has also released Barack Obama rookie cards.

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