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MIT re-invents the wheel, for bicycles

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A smart phone controlled, energy saving add-on for your bike wheel.

Read more at the Guardian.

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Clowns on Bikes … for a cause of course.

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Sorry I missed this one folks. I’ll check email more regularly  … maybe.

Saturday at 1:30pm clowns on bikes “liberated” bike lanes and made them “safe” for cyclists.

2008 Liberation Ride via Flickr posted by Mandiberg.

2008 Liberation Ride via Flickr posted by Mandiberg.

I don’t think I really need to explain why I find it delightful that clowns are riding amok on neon bikes. Question is, if you were a car behind them, would you honk along and join the caravan, or would that be poor form?

And lest you feel this pithy post wants for description, here’s a video from last year. Note the dog’s “enthusiasm” for the clown in the fur coat.

If you want in on the next ride on April 4th, get in touch with Time’s Up NY.

Thanks to the Nonsense NYC list for spreading this.

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