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A Letter to A Boss (NSFW Language)

Posted in business, open letters with tags , on March 13, 2009 by absurddelight

[ED NOTE: This is an actual letter to an actual boss that was forwarded around an actual office among at least four employees and this blog. I hope for them (I do not work with them), their boss doesn’t read this blog. Who am I kidding. Nobody reads this blog)]

Hey guys,

I took the liberty of signing this on your behalf.  I hope it’s OK.  It’s a petition I sent to the heads of staff here at UNNAMED COMPANY.

Dear F**kheads,

The following is a petition signed by various employees urging you to Continue reading

Best Explainers Yet of the Financial Crisis.

Posted in art and design, business, news and media with tags , , on March 11, 2009 by absurddelight

I know it’s the silver medal winner of the snooze Olympics right now to get an “explainer” of the financial crisis/meltdown/collapse/blah blah blah. (Gold medal is “what are you doing differently because of the downturn?” stories.)

However these are graphics (so less to read) and they are downright amazing!

GOOD Magazine, as always, turns out the best of infographic design. Pasted below are two thumbnails of two of the nine finalists in a recent contest.

Above is by Jonathan Jarvis. He actually made a companion video that’s also worth a watch. Below is by the cryptic Cypher 13. I bet he’ll come out with his/her real name if s/he wins the $500 prize.

Check out the full versions and lemme know which you think is best. The contest winners will be announced any day now. I think.

Legos Gone Wild: Sex, Nazis and Biz Consulting

Posted in art and design, games etc, videos, WTF with tags , , , , on March 10, 2009 by absurddelight

I stumbled across one of these and it hit me that, like barbies, people must use Legos for all sorts of twisted proxy fantasies.

Legos: bringing out imagination in curious kids, twisted teens and unbalanced businesses since 1932.

Exhibit A:

We’ll start with the least disturbing … The Lego Concentration Camp.

Lego Concentration Camp by Zbignew Libera

Lego Concentration Camp by Zbignew Libera

This is part of a larger series of oft-disturbing art projects (some toys, some potpourri) spanning a few decades. See plenty more pics here, of this particular achievement including a deftly made replica box of the set and what I think is a gas chamber, but I can’t really tell. I wonder if the artist shop drops these kits into unsuspecting toy stores. Imagine stumbling across this pick-me-up while Christmas shopping; “Mommy, I want that. What’s a concentration camp?” Sweet!

Exhibit B:

Lego Porn

So this is one of the least disturbing of the Lego Sex Tapes floating in the sordid interwebs. For those of you who are piqued by this taste of the genre, here’s a whole playlist devoted to (mostly foreign) attempts to make you vomit/aroused with Legos.

There was one video so foul I can’t even post it without feeling dirty. However, being a booster of up and coming filmmakers, and since it is, technically speaking, a quality production, I still linked to it. I’ll just say that it involves horses, monkeys, KY, and a full  Lego porn theater complete with sketchy Lego-men in the seats. So … watch it if you dare. Oh, how video talent manifests in the You Tube age.

Exhibit C:

Save Your Corporation with Lego Consultants!

Lego Serious Fun, a division of Lego

Lego Serious Fun, the next McKinsey and Co.

The common language – the bricks – treats everyone as equals and allows all opinions and aspects to be heard.

Business owners, this one’s for you. Lego Serious Play is a business consulting division of Lego. Not kidding. I assume this came about like this: some high paid consultant visits Lego HQ to help them expand markets beyond 12 year-olds, after a few trust exercises and focused brainstorming the scammed Lego President says, “we can do that.” And the hoodwinking chain rattles on.

Another excerpt from the business pitch:

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY will guide you into free and honest exchange of opinion. The physical and tangible construction allows for you to have conversations to flow without the fear of treading on personal feelings.

I’m sold!

BONUS: Official Lego fact sheet PDF. Lots of trivia of no use to anyone. But, you read this far so, clearly you’re bored.

DOUBLE BONUS: George Lucas has noticed this international obsession with Legos and made a high quality video game.

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