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Beer Fetching Dogs: a Video Round-Up.

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I appreciate both Herculean and Sisiphusian (sp?) efforts. And I can’t help but stare at raw natural talent.

So I give to you … the Beer Fetching Dog (BFD) video round-up.

Imagine how much effort it must have taken to train this amazing dog.

(If you watch only one, this is the best.)

Now we can clearly see why this is handy … who wants to get up and walk 15 feet? Not this guy. That’d be way harder than training a dog to meticulously close the fridge!

So, impress your friends, win fame and a beer belly, never miss another minute of the game … be like these people, and this girl, and this unseen bachelor with a lovable Labrador. [Ed Note: not surprisingly, many of the BFD owners are shirtless men. Surprisingly, the dogs have Greek names like Zeus, and Midas.]

Friends, this is no nascent trend … beer fetching dogs are the new goldfish! Everybody’s got one.

BONUS: Drunk dog stumbling, and a drunk puppy falling over.

Human Sized Fleas

Posted in neato, things i like with tags , , , on March 20, 2009 by absurddelight
Human Sized Fleas As

Human Sized Fleas Ad

Clever. Very Clever.

But this kind of massively “neato” advertising rarely actually makes the brand any more memorable … I wonder how you could measure if this works better than free samples.

Whatevs, it’s still awesome to let your eyes be tricked like this

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