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Things we like: Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

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We like this.

No idea on the origin of the site, but I presume there is some bored genius under-utlized in or under-employed behind this gift to the minions toiling in cubicle tedium.

And, lest you think that’s a one off, there are many more sandwich/Selleck varieties. Some even have animation. And a theme song.

LINK. (via Deanna)

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UPDATE: Some site in the UK we’ve never heard of before has started their own rival site: Ian Mcshane bagpipes in space

Funny Sign – 99 Cent Store

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Sometimes signs lie to us. Sometimes they confuse us.

Sometimes they delight us with the effort that went into their permanent broadcast of meaninglessness.

For the record:  There were many items for more than 99¢, and though there were not any for less than 99¢, there were many that were 99¢ less than what we might pay elsewhere so that counts. But some items were, in fact ,99¢.

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The Secret Door that Builds Your Muscles

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Reasons this door is pleasing:

– It looks difficult to make

– It looks difficult to open

-It looks difficult to look at, (OK, to see)

– It has hinges but no doorknob or keyhole

-To open it you must press the right sequence of secret brick buttons… or speak in elvish

-It is in New York City and thousands of people walk by it every day

Surrealist Transportation

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Just another funny pic of grand whimsy …


Outside the art museum in St.Gallen, Switzerland.

Outside the art museum in St.Gallen, Switzerland.

Yes there is a child under there. Why? Because it’s safe! It is art after all. 


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Replacing Landmarks with Souvenirs

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A fun idea for your next vacation …

by Michael Hughes

by Michael Hughes

Photographer Michael Hughes has collected dozens of photos of travelers, and himself, substituting souvenirs of all types in for the real global landmarks.

His Flickr page is full of them. There’s the Statue of Liberty, plenty of fun around the Pyramids, places we’ve never heard of and my favorite …

Pisa, Italy obscured by multi-flavor lollipop.

Plenty of playful pics too.

Sonic Insane

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Too much is not enough for some people.

This is a man who sees opportunities, not obstacles. Who has a passion for sharing the music he loves. This is a man with a misunderstanding of how rocket cars work!

As i see the most of the speakers are at least 100-200W and the biggest are 500W+.

So in this car have more than 3 000W RMS power!

Um, awesome. What the hell does that even mean?


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