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Idiotarod 2010 – Get racing!

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If you don’t know what the yearly Idiotaraod is, then the name should give you a hint. And what that doesn’t explain this video will:

OK, that explains very little except that this race involves shopping carts, costumes and dodge ball.

Here are some of the rules (selected for their explanatory power or humor):

Each team consists of five racers and one shopping cart.

Any team wearing spandex is disqualified.

While the cart is moving during the race, four racers must be forward of the back wheels of the cart (the “sled dog”position) and one racer must be behind the cart (the “musher” position).

The Committee has sole discretion over all points awarded or deducted, prizes awarded, which prizes are being awarded, race rules, all laws of physics, what time it is, and what happened in the past, all of which are subject to change without notice.

Actual full rules here.

Mind you, those are from a website that pretends to tell you the route and suggests that:

You figure it out. Or maybe Google will help you. Click on “Get Directions” and select “By Shopping Cart”.

Links to photos down below.

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