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Should Journalism Schools Teach Blogging

Posted in news and media with tags , , , on March 12, 2009 by absurddelight

Here’s yet another iteration of the perennial struggle to efficiently allocate scarce resources: Journalism Schools now begrudgingly “have to” teach blogging.

Photo: Wiki Commons

Photo: Wiki Commons

What exactly “teaching” blogging entails I don’t know. Bloggers better than me, please share which classes you recommend to build up my nascent chops.

As for the NY Mag article , this excerpt sums up my unanswered question the best:

 “You can go to the Learning Annex and take a Flash course. I don’t think what we should do is be replicating courses you can take at the Learning Annex. But you have to have some familiarity, or you’re not able to execute a website.”

Why do we want venerable journalists racing to catch up with Carnegie Mellon sophmores in technical skills, just to pass them on to 30-somethings at the Columbia J-School? Seems like an inefficient way to maintain the 4th Estate.


Media BONUS: HS teacher sells ads on class tests to raise money for school supplies. Sign of the times? Cute teaching tool/stunt? Thanks AP for writing it, and KHQ for covering it. And thanks, for posting it. (What, like there’s a problem with online media distribution and ad sales?)

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