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Bhopal Water – ewwww

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Photo: The Yes Men

Photo: The Yes Men

Five years ago, the Yes Men impersonated Dow Chemical live on BBC World Television and announced that after 20 years, the company was finally going to clean up its mess in Bhopal. That hoax, … temporarily knocked two billion dollars off Dow’s share price …”

Here’s their latest prank against Dow Chemical … bottling the toxic water from Bhopal and bringing it to Dow Chemical.

The unique qualities of our water come from 25 years of slow-leaching toxins at the site of the world’s largest industrial accident.

See that prank, and more in the Yes Men’s new movie, The Yes Men Fix The World, which opens in UK cinemas on August 11. It comes to the USA sometime later.

Link for prank lovers. Link for do gooders.

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April Fools: The Great Spaghetti Harvest of 1957

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Ripe and ready for April Fool’s Day. Here’s a classic from 1957. The BBC ran a short documentary on spaghetti farming in Switzerland.

Fun quotes:

“Many of you I’m sure, will have see pictures of the vast Spaghetti plantations in the Poe Valley”

“… another reason why this may be a bumper year, lies in the virtual disappearance of the Spaghetti Weavel(?) …”

More after the jump, with viewer reaction.

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Subway Art Gallery

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The trailblazers at Improv Everywhere did it again.

They turned a NYC Subway station into a temporary art gallery complete with coat check, champagne (sparkling cider) bar, tuxedos, and fancy shmancy placards identifying the “art.”

What’s the art you ask?

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