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Best Spam Ever – Part 5

Posted in open letters with tags , , on May 5, 2009 by absurddelight

See the earlier posts 1, 2, 3, and 4 to get some choice emails giving the run around to some foolish Nigerian/419 scammers.

From: InfoUsa MoneyLaundary <>
Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2009 1:53:28 PM
Subject: Re: Dear Jarod L. Bingham, acknowledgment from UN Loan Association.

Dear Jarod L. Bingham,

This is to acknowledge the receipt of the filled/signed loan application form along with a copy of the money order which you sent to this office.
We are however sorry that the first payment you sent through this method wasn’t received and we believe that if the express couriers that you are using are reliable, they will return the money back to you soon since we didnt receive it.
Be informed that your filled loan form has already been forwarded to our verification and processing department for x-ray test and after which, the approval will be granted for the US$26, 000, 000, 00 loan which shall be released to your account from our pay Roll office Benin Republic.
Therefore you are advised to contact our pay Roll office in Benin Republic immediately and ask them to confirm your information from our London office in advance, we shall also contact them as soon as possible with the advance update.
Note that our financial analyst is currently in Benin Republic for a twenty one day board meeting with the team of our top officials over there for the progress of this orginization.
Our Address in Benin which you have to contact is atated below.
Contact person: Mr. Raphael Moses
Please kindly follow our instruction.
Best regards,
Bryan Clark.
The real fun is backing the scammers into more and more corners. Each time they offer any information about themselves that is obviously false, it becomes our duty to bring it up over and over and choke them with it.
From: J B
Date:Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 7:21 PM
Subject:Dear Mr. Raphael Moses
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Best Spam Ever – Part 4

Posted in open letters with tags , , on May 4, 2009 by absurddelight

Here’s the continuation of Absurd Delight’s ongoing international campaign to mock, confuse and insignificantly impeded one particularly inept Nigerian/419 Scammer.

To truly appreciate the absurdity here, please read this thread from the beginning when we first received an offer from the United Nations Money Laundering Association in part 1. See their Laundering Application form here. And read the bizarre evolution of the scam and scambaiting in part 2 and part 3.

As before, our favorite parts are in blue. Enjoy!


From: InfoUsa MoneyLaundary
Subject: Re: Dear Jarod L. Bingham, urgent request from UN Loan Association.
Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2009, 5:37 AM

Dear Jarod L. Bingham,

We are glad to inform you that we have finally completed every arrangement to offer you the loan which you requested for.

However to complete the process, you are requested to fill the attached Loan Application Form and return it to this office along with the fee attached to it.

You are therefore advised to remit the fee Via Western Union Money Transfer using the information of our financial secretary below.

Receiver’s Name: JOEL PETERSON
Country: LONDON UK
Text Question: WHAT COLOR?
Answer: BLUE

as soon as you make the payment, kindly forward an attached copy of the Western Union Payment Receipt for withdrawal and also send via e-mail, the MTCN Number along with the name of Sender.
We await your response and urgent compliance.

Bryan Clark,
UN Lending Unit.


EDs NOTE: No matter how badly they want a Western Union payment, we don’t see why we can’t just keep mailing them money orders to their official United Nations address, which changes from email to email! Ha!


From: J B
Sent: 4/20/2009 7:05:24 PM
To: InfoUsa MoneyLaundary
Subject: Re: Dear Jarod L.. Bingham, urgent request from UN Loan Association.


Last Monday, April 13, I send the loan application as well as a money order for $800 USD (550 British pounds) to:

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