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Rats with Wings!

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Another fine comment on the human condition …

Photo: The Glue Society. I Heard Theyre Dirty

Photo: The Glue Society. "I Heard They're Dirty"

And yes, that’s a scruffy little man squatting atop the statue of a pigeon.

The fun question isn’t, “what is this trying to say?” nor, “why build this?” No, the real question is, “could a pigeon ever recognize himself as a statue, and then what?”

A detailed photo of the squatter, another question and BONUS pic of past work after the jump.

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Absurd Delight picks from Sculpture by the Sea 2009

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One of my favorite yearly art exhibits I’ve never been to is Sculpture by the Sea. I know nothing about it really except that I see pictures on the net every year. So I might as well blog about it like I know what I’m talking about.

lifesavers (Proving puns can be whimsical too) by Denise Pepper & Brook Zeligman

"lifesavers" (Proving puns can be whimsical too) by Denise Pepper & Brook Zeligman

Best of all you can take these sweet babies home for just $6,000! Compare that to the $32,000 for the framed picture frames at The Armory Show. And that wasn’t even anywhere near a beach!

Imag_ne by Emma Anna

"Imag_ne" by Emma Anna

Fabulous like scrabulous! Ok, it’s mainly cute. But it’s giant and it gets the job done at proving that your mind fills in gaps whether you like it or not. So I’ll call that clever!

A few more photos of giant pencils and beach themeed sculpted whimsy after the jump.

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