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Surrealist Transportation

Posted in art and design with tags , , on April 14, 2009 by absurddelight

Just another funny pic of grand whimsy …


Outside the art museum in St.Gallen, Switzerland.

Outside the art museum in St.Gallen, Switzerland.

Yes there is a child under there. Why? Because it’s safe! It is art after all. 


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Unintentional Surrealism: An Ad from Fred and Sharon.

Posted in accidental art, funny, videos, WTF with tags , on March 7, 2009 by absurddelight

I love love LOVE! these filmmakers.

It’s presumably an ad for a font, an actual font you can buy for $8.95 whatever that means, but there’s random animation of a sea monster, a love poem and a talking alien.

Think how long it must have taken to make the animation, but they didn’t take the time to memorize three lines of dialogue?!?! Brilliant allocation of resources.

BONUS: click through to their You Tube channel for more of these, and don’t forget to read the comments. Sometimes Fred writes back.

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