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Conceptually Terrible –> Zen Bafflement

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Another installment of terrible You Tube videos that are so bad they’re like a dirty procrastination pleasure.

Please note the special effects, the costumes, the crisp recording of the audio track. There is talent hidden deep within this seemingly pointless debacle of film.

Like previous WTF videos posted on AD, XXX-Mas Kitten demonstrates that an amatuer filmmaker can, in fact, invest considerable time on a project, develop true technical abilities, and still churn out a video worth watching solely because it is so conceptually terrible that the mind freezes with confusion resulting in a kind of Zen bafflement.


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Kids+karate+whackjob+public access

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This definitely falls in the category of WTF. Still, I want to comment.

I’m pretty sure this video is advocating beatings of children, although it’s possible I might have missed the message of “Magical Martial Arts.”

The part where the crazy man punches at the kids at home while screaming duck is my favorite. But a close second is the editing; Walter Murch would be jealous! So are Fred and Sharon. What’s your favorite part? And … Continue reading

Legos Gone Wild: Sex, Nazis and Biz Consulting

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I stumbled across one of these and it hit me that, like barbies, people must use Legos for all sorts of twisted proxy fantasies.

Legos: bringing out imagination in curious kids, twisted teens and unbalanced businesses since 1932.

Exhibit A:

We’ll start with the least disturbing … The Lego Concentration Camp.

Lego Concentration Camp by Zbignew Libera

Lego Concentration Camp by Zbignew Libera

This is part of a larger series of oft-disturbing art projects (some toys, some potpourri) spanning a few decades. See plenty more pics here, of this particular achievement including a deftly made replica box of the set and what I think is a gas chamber, but I can’t really tell. I wonder if the artist shop drops these kits into unsuspecting toy stores. Imagine stumbling across this pick-me-up while Christmas shopping; “Mommy, I want that. What’s a concentration camp?” Sweet!

Exhibit B:

Lego Porn

So this is one of the least disturbing of the Lego Sex Tapes floating in the sordid interwebs. For those of you who are piqued by this taste of the genre, here’s a whole playlist devoted to (mostly foreign) attempts to make you vomit/aroused with Legos.

There was one video so foul I can’t even post it without feeling dirty. However, being a booster of up and coming filmmakers, and since it is, technically speaking, a quality production, I still linked to it. I’ll just say that it involves horses, monkeys, KY, and a full  Lego porn theater complete with sketchy Lego-men in the seats. So … watch it if you dare. Oh, how video talent manifests in the You Tube age.

Exhibit C:

Save Your Corporation with Lego Consultants!

Lego Serious Fun, a division of Lego

Lego Serious Fun, the next McKinsey and Co.

The common language – the bricks – treats everyone as equals and allows all opinions and aspects to be heard.

Business owners, this one’s for you. Lego Serious Play is a business consulting division of Lego. Not kidding. I assume this came about like this: some high paid consultant visits Lego HQ to help them expand markets beyond 12 year-olds, after a few trust exercises and focused brainstorming the scammed Lego President says, “we can do that.” And the hoodwinking chain rattles on.

Another excerpt from the business pitch:

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY will guide you into free and honest exchange of opinion. The physical and tangible construction allows for you to have conversations to flow without the fear of treading on personal feelings.

I’m sold!

BONUS: Official Lego fact sheet PDF. Lots of trivia of no use to anyone. But, you read this far so, clearly you’re bored.

DOUBLE BONUS: George Lucas has noticed this international obsession with Legos and made a high quality video game.

Accidental Art: Fred and Sharon

Posted in accidental art, funny, videos, WTF with tags , on March 9, 2009 by absurddelight

I love Fred and Sharon movies. Their pacing and pure unpredictability keeps me captivated, nearly stunned. Especially this one, presumably an actual ad for a real aspiring director.

For some reason there is a mad scientist scene, a random health care related chase, twirling and flying animation and a macing followed by hugging.

This is what happens when you mash honestly creative ideas with complete technical ineptitude, then banish any and all self-criticism (or quality control). Who would have thought doing a stand-up in front of a green screen of yourself behind you would work so well?

Kudos to Fred and Sharon!

Old Faves: art, stunts and a video.

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Since this is a new blog, here are some old classics I would have posted about when they happened.

ABSURD DELIGHT IN ACTION: … or at least wanton disregard for conformity.

Human Mirror – Twins, lots of them, on a subway.

Public Sculpture Tackle – athletic attacks on public art, in photo and video.

The Anarchist Ice Cream Truck

Take the time to click the link and read the wonderfully written propagansa on Tactical Ice Cream … whimsy meets rage in a delicious, ninja-inspired, art project.

Here’s an article on all sorts of whimsical Ice Cream trucks. Why do I capitalize “Ice Cream”?


And then this gem was a foundation funded local TV program (I think). Think Sesame Street crossed with math class on acid. Notable moments include wizards rapping, graffiti filmed in reverse and gratuitous fat kid humiliation. It’s educational people!

More of this ilk to come soon. Send on suggestions.

Unintentional Surrealism: An Ad from Fred and Sharon.

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I love love LOVE! these filmmakers.

It’s presumably an ad for a font, an actual font you can buy for $8.95 whatever that means, but there’s random animation of a sea monster, a love poem and a talking alien.

Think how long it must have taken to make the animation, but they didn’t take the time to memorize three lines of dialogue?!?! Brilliant allocation of resources.

BONUS: click through to their You Tube channel for more of these, and don’t forget to read the comments. Sometimes Fred writes back.

Curiosity gets comedically punished yet again!

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A cat vs a printer. Guess who wins?

For BONUS fun, google image search “cat and printer”. Ok, it’s not that much fun, but the top hit is funny enough.

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